about me; design\craft\code

I am trained as an Architect, and am currently in the process of testing for my license.  The Architect Registration Exam (ARE) is a six-part beast, and probably nobody wants to hear me rant about it.  For now, we’ll just say it’s roughly comparable to the bar exam for lawyers.

Architects are famously (infamously?) reaching beyond the boundaries of building design and getting their hands into everything design, ranging from the city scale to furniture, to handheld objects, to graphic and web design.  Consistent with this ‘design everything’ tradition, I have a wide variety of interests that can roughly be gathered together under the terms design\craft\code.  These three terms are intentionally broad as an umbrella for current and future topics of this blog.

designcraftcode header


design :  urban planning, architecture, interior design, furniture design, graphic design, web design, UI/UX design

craft :  furniture making, yarn crafts (crochet & knit)

code :  plugins for design software such as Revit and Rhino, building codes and ordinances, UI/UX development


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